Bringing Scripture Alive

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The vision involved was to bring scripture alive with tie dye and put it out there for people who wouldn't really be looking for it! People who aren't exposed to the truth and life in scripture, or who may misunderstand its meaning, or those who may want to just wear their heart on their sleeve. The mission then, is to share a forum for further discussion!

Understanding each other, joy in living and discussing differences is how we learn and grow. It has been integral to our lives together as a family and as husband and wife. We are constantly learning and I love when those little light bulbs pop on or when that still, small voice speaks. I hope you take the opportunity to share where God is in your life, but I do ask that in respect for others you keep your comments clean. As always, be polite, respectful and encouraging!

Thank you!

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