A Store
with a Purpose



We are so happy that you have chosen to visit our site. We have had our first Vendor show (which was GREAT) and are now two month old! Still learning and setting up our site, so any mistakes you may find, let us know about them through our contact page!

The store area is being streamlined for ease in custom ordering as right now it is mostly "made to order." It offers pieces through a design "collection" which shows the design. Ordering is then done through the "all" tab where the various sizes, designs and dye methods offered will be with pricing. Some sizes and dye methods do add to the cost.

Our business does have one of a kind items available under the title "In the Mix" that were done while experimenting with a new tie, design or color/color combination. This also means that if you are looking for something that we do not presently offer - pants, dresses, jackets or a smaller or larger size, please contact us to ask about it!

Tie dye is largely enjoyed because it is NOT an exact science, so you could order two of the same tie in the same collection both in the same size and style and you will notice subtle differences. It is expected and would actually be miraculous if any two items turned out EXACTLY the same!

Having said all of this, we truly hope you enjoy the art being offered and return often for new releases. Have a blessed and joyful day!


K​eep an eye out for our new releases for the holiday season!


Who We Are

In touch with the Divine through artistic inspiration. Tie dye can be a process filled with love and joy. Dyeing4Christ brings this to you with unique hand dyed pieces as wearable art inspired by scripture.